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Dysport is a nonsurgical wrinkle treatment that softens dynamic creases and lines throughout the face, including glabellar lines between the brows. Much like other types of wrinkle relaxer injectables, Dysport is created from a clean form of type A botulinum toxin to temporarily relax or block signals to particular muscle groups in the face. When these regions are addressed, the continual movements that result in dynamic wrinkles will be halted and the overlying skin is tightened. This enables you to frown, smile, and make many different facial expressions without causing fine lines and wrinkles. It also creates refreshing results that don't give you a "frozen" face. At JEM Medspa Indiana, we are thrilled to administer Dysport injections to help Munster, IN area individuals look rejuvenated and glowing.


As we age, fine lines help us appear more aged than we should. Dysport injections at JEM Medspa Indiana can support our Munster, IN individuals in refreshing their feel and their confidence utilizing some incredible benefits, including:

  • Relax and target lost volume in the skin, especially close to the glabellar ("11") lines
  • Keep the appointments quick and productive, with no expected following the treatment
  • Organic, durable results
  • Build your confidence and help you feel like yourself again

Performed in a private treatment room by one of our experienced aestheticians, Dysport injections are administered to the forehead and brow after the treatment areas have been cleansed, using a fine needle that results in minimal discomfort. A numbing agent can be applied if requested. After the injections have been placed, we may follow up with an ice pack to reduce swelling and bruising. The procedure takes about 15 – 30 minutes.

Mild swelling and redness at and around the injected area may occur, but this should resolve within 1 – 3 days. We recommend that you sleep upright for the first night and still apply a cool compress if necessary. Improvements are often seen within a few days as the visibility of your lines is diminished to create a softer, youthful appearance. Dysport outcomes usually remain visible for around 3 – 4 months, and subsequent treatments can be performed at JEM Medspa Indiana in Munster, IN to maintain your outcomes.



This is my second time visiting JEM MedSpa and it was yet again an awesome experience! My injector Megan did an AMAZING job, as always!! Megan always finds the best product and price range that fits your budget. I have always wanted a more natural but filling look and she always exceeds my expectations!! Cannot say enough awesome things about Megan she is amazing!

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If you are looking for a noninvasive procedure to enhance your appearance by treating dynamic wrinkles, a Dysport wrinkle relaxer could be an ideal choice. You will be able to discuss cosmetic injectables and other options during your consultation with our team to get your personalized treatment plan for your individual goals. We invite you to call JEM Medspa Indiana in Munster, IN to learn more information and set up an appointment.

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How much does Dysport cost?

Your cost for Dysport will depend on the amount of formula used according to what you're looking to achieve. In your first appointment, your provider will develop your unique Dysport treatment outline and discuss your estimated costs. Ask if we have any specials on Dysport at JEM Medspa Indiana and the different payment methods we take.

What's the difference between Dysport and BOTOX?

BOTOX and Dysport are safe and effective ways to correct dynamic facial wrinkles. Dysport outcomes typically become visible quicker when compared with BOTOX. In addition, many people have discovered that Dysport outcomes last longer than other wrinkle relaxers. During your consultation, your injector will help you determine the best formula for your needs.

Should I get Dysport or a dermal filler?

Many individuals aren't aware of the different uses of wrinkle relaxers and cosmetic dermal fillers. In short, a wrinkle relaxer injectable addresses dynamic lines by temporarily stopping the muscles from moving. Injectable dermal fillers, however, are placed under the top layer to fill the skin, restore volume loss, and boost collagen production. During your consultation, your provider will learn about your cosmetic concerns and help you decide whether a wrinkle relaxer, a dermal filler, or a combination of the two will provide your best enhancements.

Can Dysport be combined with other treatments?

At JEM Medspa Indiana, we offer many nonsurgical procedures that can complement your Dysport results. Based on your concerns and skin goals, your custom rejuvenation plan might include Dysport for dynamic wrinkles, a filler for deep lines or volume loss in your lips or cheeks, plus a laser resurfacing treatment. During your consultation, let us know about your cosmetic concerns to help us create a unique treatment plan that will provide impressive results.

How often should I get Dysport injections?

Dysport treatments' outcomes are usually visible for as long as four months. In your initial consultation, your injector will suggest how regularly you should get your treatments at our facility in Munster, IN to sustain your outcomes. You may increase the frequency of your treatments or space them further apart once you see the duration of your initial Dysport injection results.

*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Images may contain models.